NPK 20-20-20+0.5TE

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Company code:AOKEM-FER-03

Nutrient content:NPK water-soluble fertilizers

Packing specification:25kg

Product Features:

    100% soluble in water,providing nutrients quickly。

    Scientific and reasonable formula,can meet the needs of crops in different growth stages,Ensure smooth growth of organs,Nutrient and energy accumulation, etc. Eventually get higher quality and higher yield at Limited growth period in crops.

Strengthen plant growth:

    Enhance plant resistance,reduce the infection of pathogens and pests,prevent physiological diseases.

Safety in use:

    Do not contain sodium ions and heavy metal,Long-term, repeated use does not cause soil harden and salination. Low temperature use safety。Trace elements is chelating state,The mutual promotion among nutrients absorption, high-usage.

    Suitable for crop topdressing,mix,trickle,irrigation,foliage,spray,soilless culture nutrient solution.

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