Why choose Aokem technology co.,Ltd?

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Why choose Aokem technology co.,Ltd?

 Experienced- been dedicated in the industry since 1998

 Professional-specialized fertilizer formulators

 Product R&D-  its own intellectual property rights and providing fertilizer package of solutions; all products tested by the third-party laboratory

 Certificates- SME of technology ,ISO9000,KOSHAR,REACH qualification

 Test - security test, validity test, field test

 Product Management

Raw material:

All the raw materials conforming to the national standards; raw material supplied by the suppliers licensed by the state qualification institutions

Heavy Metal Content: random checks by an independent third party laboratory


Management of finished products

Each batch of products are compulsively tested.

Each batch representative samples are retained for three years.

Documents of production and testing are kept for five years.

The source of the ingredients of each batch is filed and reserved.

All raw materials are traceable.

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