Mianyang Aokem technology co. Ltd, focuses on the phoschemical industry and has developed into an integrated enterprise specializing in " production, research, sales and services.

      With the fertilizer industry as its key business, Aokem sets its core objectives to maximize the utilities of fertilizers and provide fertilizer package solutions through formula by soil testing. The company also introduces the environment-friendly agriculture as well as new bio-organic fertilizers. As the sole agent of Japan and Malaysia  fertilizer brands, it sells fertilizers in the area of China as well as provides plans of land services packages.

      Aokem is dedicated in developing the phosphate monomer of feed grade, industrial grade and food addictive to research, manufacture and sell fine and compound phosphate.

      With its patented brand "AOKEM", Aokem has been awarded with the quality system qualifications of  ISO9001 and ISO\NSF.

 Tell/Fax: +0086-816-2607892 

   Mobile: +0086-816-18681632092

      ADD: 38RD, DaDuHui,Fulin,Fucheng District,Mianyang,Sichuan,China

zip code: 621000

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